“The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched – they must be felt with the heart.”

– Helen Keller


Hello hello! I’m so glad you’ve decided to stop by and read some of the things on this blog (or maybe you stumbled upon it by chance, but either way, I’m happy you’re here). You’re probably reading through some of the quotes, wondering what this blog is purposed for. You might click through some of the posts, read a thing here and there, and leave. You could find yourself engaging entirely with the words I write, reflecting upon my thoughts and considering your own perspective. Either way, I’m still very appreciative that you’ve decided to take the time to read some of my personal thoughts on this blog.

In regards to why I decided to start up a blog again, it’s because I’ve been experiencing a period of my life that’s very tumultuous, unstable and unpredictable. I frequently find myself in deep reflection, attempting to mentally process all that is happening around me. It’s not like I’m consistently depressed or anything – it’s just that life is moving so fast before my eyes that I need something to slow me down and just allow me to process. Process the wild emotions that I feel here and there. Process how my life is going and how I am changing as a person. Process who it is that I really want to become in the future.

The world today never bothers to slow down and wait for us to catch up; there’s always new things happening each and every day, and we’re expected to stay up-to-date, adapting to everything that is thrown at us. That’s not necessarily a bad thing; it keeps our lives interesting and allows us to grow as individuals. Sometimes, however, we begin to ignore the basic things – the very simple things – that we take for granted, when in reality these are the very elements that impact us at the core. At least, that’s how I feel. Among meeting new people on a daily basis, pushing myself through stress, attempting to refine myself as an individual and encouraging myself to take new initiatives, I find that I frequently ignore basic feelings or a basic appreciation for life. I want to get a leadership position in an organization. I want good grades. I want plenty of friends. But then what happens after I get them? I want more – there’s never true satisfaction. All this – all this is so complicated, obscuring my view from the things that bring true happiness.

That’s how I got the site title for this blog.  A few days ago, I was lying on a bench, gazing into the beautiful, multicolored sky and just thought to myself how happy I really was. Sure, I’ve been to social gatherings, achieved great heights and built great friendships. Yes, each instance made me happy. But to lie down and just think – think of how amazing life is, how incredible nature and the Earth really are, and how the various people in my life have affected me and made me who I am – all while gazing at a plain yet beautiful sight…I’d never felt greater happiness. Sounds like something straight out of a love story or some cheesy pop song or some cliched movie, I know, but I know what I say is true – for me at least – because I’ve experienced it. Sometimes, simplicity is true bliss.

That’s my personal motive for starting this blog. I like to be able to stop here and there just to reflect and look at the little things in my life (hence my mantra “learn to love the little things in life”). I feel as though everyone should just stop once in a while too. Just stop and drop everything. Drop your desires, your wants, your complexities – everything. Stop and look back on the past. What brought you here? What brings you true happiness that actually lasts? We all might have different initial answers, but some of the more commonplace answers shouldn’t be money, hundreds of friends, so forth…it should be things like the love of your family, the care others show you, the beauty of the Earth…very basic things. Of course, am I going to be able to make everyone think this way? Certainly not. But I can demonstrate to others how my personal reflection brings me the greatest joys of my life. Maybe that’ll affect someone out there, who knows? I don’t mind though. I just want to be able to share one thing: my simple thoughts.

Let’s explore together. Just click “Blog Posts” on the top of the page to read more of my thoughts.